Diesel Options - IanW1977
Evening !
After a Focus Diesel for about £3500 - £4500 but I can't find one in the right spec, Would like a Golf TDI but bit aprehensive of the price and mileage in my price range and their general reliability,, Any other Diesels in the Focus,Golf type for my price range ??

I have thought about the 206 HDI and the Xsara HDI but not sure on French cars again and not sure if they are as nice as the Focus and Golf.
Diesel Options - Martin1981
What about a 306 HDi? You should be able to pick one of these up on an X/Y 2000-01 plate for around £3500 with service history and sensible mileage. Then there's the 307 HDi, although some say they are not as nice to drive as the 306. The Golf TDi is a good choice, but would probably cost more to service and insure than a 306, 307 and a Focus. There should be a fair number of Focus diesels around in that price range but a lot of them are likely to be the older TDDi engine, which many say isn't as good as the TDCi.

Diesel Options - IanW1977
Currently have a 306 so don't wanna go there again . Will see how much the 307's are going for though
Diesel Options - mlj
Pretty thin on the ground but Mazda did quite a good diesel 323 before the new 3. Should be reliable if you can find one.
Diesel Options - Martin Devon
How many miles per annum old chap??
Diesel Options - daveyjp
If you want a Golf what about Skoda and Seats as an alternative? Octavia, Leon etc
Diesel Options - IanW1977
Prob do about 14k per annum
In the last 6 months we have done 7k.
Diesel Options - Den
How about a Rover 25 TD?
I've had a 205 and two 306's (all diesel) and the Rover 25 TD is comfier, as reliable, but quicker.
Make sure that the MAF sensor is working though!
Diesel Options - component part
They're in the market for a Golf or Focus, currently has/has had a 306.....I wouldn't touch a Rover 25 with yours...
Diesel Options - IanW1977
I had a Rover 200vi - Nice enough car but i could never spend Thousands on a Rover 200/25- Maybe a Zs180
Torn between the Focus and the golf (like the look of the golf, especially the blue dials !
Diesel Options - tanvir
How about a Seat Leon? Has the VW engines and imo looks nicer. No blue dials, though, sadly
Diesel Options - IanW1977
Had a look at the Leon but they are newer than the golf and hence more monet.
Diesel Options - Avant
A Skoda Fabia or Octavia (depending on the size you want) might make a better Impression for your monet (sic).
Diesel Options - tanvir
They started on a W-plate, should be some in your price range
Diesel Options - tanvir
^^^I'm referring to Leons!
Diesel Options - sgreenwood
Would recommend an old shape Leon. They're a little noisey compared to the Focus TDCi but offer better economy and value for money IMO. That said I had a few teething problems with my 51 plate but i'm glad I didn't let them put me off. (Leon's have red coloured dials!)

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