Mondeo ST220 - smoke
Dear all, i changed my fiesta for a ST220 yesterday. Its a 53 plate and is in fantastic condition with only 21'000 on the clock, and was bought from a large national car supermarket. The v5 which i was shown showed the car to be an import as did an hpi check which i did independantly (for my own piece of mind). There is only one discrepancy which i don't understand at all. The service book shows that the car was PDI'd by a franchise ford dealership (it still bears the trade plate for this franchise on the car), however, when i phoned the dearship today the salesman, who was most helpful, checked the reg and said that it was indeed an import and that the dealership had no record of the vehicle with them, he also said that he would do some research for me and get back to me.
This has got me worried, as i now am wondering if the service book has been faked.
As i said the car was bought from a large reputable supermarket. Does anyone have any explanation as to how the service book may be like this, do main dealers sometimes dabble in imports on the side to keep things off the books? Or can an import be PDI'd privately by a main dealer on the UK when it hits the shores here.

As a happy aside, the car is incredible on the road. An absolute peach, and very understated.
Mondeo ST220 - Pugugly {P}
Change the oil and enjoy. Dunno about the other bit, have you checked the VIN against the Garage's computer, it may not have been reg. when they PDId it....
Mondeo ST220 - smoke
As a happy aside, the car was bought new in the UK was taken to germany by a member of the armed forces, and then brought back to the UK. So all sorted, its a UK car. Is booked in for a major service (37.5k) so will get that done and enjoy it.

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