Insurance repair problem and confusion - RJ
Not sure how to work out what's happening with an insurance repair, and waht the consequences will be for me. I've enjoyed reading the posts for a while, and hope someone can work this out for me!
In February, I bought an 01/52 Range Rover for £17500 and insured with deleted - {removed as per the site no naming / shaming rule - DD}. A couple of weeks ago I had an accident - the car rolled onto its side, bounced back up, and ended up in the middle of the road. Obvious damage to bodywork, front of the car - lights, bumbers windscreen, side window, tyres came off wheels, likely suspension damage etc. We weren't sure if it was repairable so were waiting word from the insurer (the car is in their chosen bodyshop).
Yesterday I called the bodyshop to find out, and was told the repairs had been authorised and the parts brought in. Not long afterwards, I received an email and telephone call on the answering machine, from the insurer, advising me the car was a total loss and to forward documents etc.
I called this morning to see what was happening, and was assured it was a total loss. So I called the bodyshop again, who were equally insistent repairs were authorised. Back to insurer, who by now have decided that with a value of between £14K and £16K, and repair costs at about £8000, it was borderline, but they have decided to do it on a contract repair basis - if it goes over £9000, it is the bodyshop cost, not theirs. They said it was Category D, hence borderline. I expressed concern at the Category D rating, pointing out that this is publicly available and will affect the car value. I was told that if they paid out, they would only pay out to the cost of the repairs - up to £9000. Left it there. I called the dealer who sold me the car (large independent 4x4 specialist), and they said if it was category D, it wasn't 'worth a carrot' on resale and that they wouldn't get in it anyway if it was their car once repaired. They then said they'd probably give me £1500 or so if I sold it and that I should insist on it being written off.
Back to insurer, pointing out the problems with the category D. Much shorter 'phone call - they've reviewed it, and decided it was a total loss, so proceed with handing in documents etc. Simple! Then I get back from doing the shopping, to find a new message on the answering machine, and a new email. The car is not a total loss, it is repairable and will be done on a contract repair basis as stated. I call again for clarification and they insist this is now their position, but that it would not be shown as a category D, hence will not affect resale. I don't have this in writing though, remember - only on their presumably recorded call system.
Ideally, I want this written off - I have no experience of repairs like this, but the damage made me uncomfortable (the repairer is a large independent, not a Land Rover Approved. However, they clearly have a relationship with some LR repairers - when I called my local Land Rover Approved repairer to discuss them inspecting the car after repair, they said they couldn't - they have a business relationship with this repairer!).
Obviously, if it is category D and the resale value is destroyed, I'd rather take the £9000 and buy a new car.
I'm currently waiting to hear from the claims handler, and I've asked for the engineer details also. In the meanwhile, I said I didn't want work to continue on the car.
Should I shut up and wait for the car, and assume the repairs will be done to an acceptable and safe standard? Should I try and insist they pay out the £9000 for the repairs to me instead and write off the car? Should I argue more for a total write-off at the value they stated originally - somewhere between £14K and £16K?
Insurance repair problem and confusion - bell boy
It should only go as category d if they paid you out but obviously would need checking........
Consider an independant inspection now before repairs are made so you can reject the repairs before they are started if vehicle is indeed too bad to be properly repaired....
Do not under any circumstances accept the car after repair without having something like a dekra full inspection done..
Cant really think of any more but am going to have to lets the mods see your post because you have named and shamed.........naughty naughty {now removed - DD}
Insurance repair problem and confusion - No FM2R
>>Should I shut up and wait for the car, and assume the repairs will be done to an acceptable and safe standard?

Categorically not. You should tell them that you have been advised that you should insist upon an engineers report and a valuation after the repair because of the significance of the damage. That if the reports show the car ha sbeen repaired totally satisfactorily and the value maintained, then you will bite on teh cost of those reports yourself, but should they show that the value has been lowered or the repair unsatisfactory or incomplete that only will you expect the cost of the reports to be refunded you wil also expect further repair and/or compensation as appropriate.

You should point ou tthat you have no interest in teh cost of repairs, who is paying for the repairs or who is agreeing whatever with whoever. Those are all business decisions that they may or may not make but should nto involve you in.

You shoudl explain that the car either is or is not category D. You do nto expect them to play games with that categorisation nor do you expect it to be used as a bargaining chip. You shoudl point out that would be abuse of hte system and should be reported. Ask for the corretc answer, not today';s convenient answer, as to whether or not they regard it as a Cat D, whether or not it will be regsitered as such and WHATEVER the answer, what is their jsutification for that decision.

It is not Cat D and therefore borderline. Cat D is defined and is approriate on a given set of cricumstances. Tell tehm to work it out.

Exdplain to them that the value is £16,000 and that is what you require. Either by check for 16k, by a repaired car worth 16k or by some combination.

Explain that you will fight and you will win.

Give them absolute hell and don't back down.

I will give any assistance I can.


>>Should I try and insist they pay out the £9000 for the repairs to me instead and write off the car?

No. They owe you 1`6k ish by check, by car or by some agreeable combination. Take no sh.......

> Should I argue more for a total write-off at the value they stated originally - somewhere between £14K and £16K?



p.s. sorry for typing quality.
Insurance repair problem and confusion - RJ
Thanks for the comments. A slight update - they've put in writing that the car will not be on the MIAFTR register - they were worried about the cost of suspension work makign it uneconomical to repair, but they believe that with the work done on a contract basis, that is not an issue.
I think it's too late to arrange a pre-repair inspection - despite the insurer dallying, it sounds as if the repairer got onto it quickly. I still have the photos from the accident scene though.
I've looked up DEKRA inspections after the suggestion, and will pursue definitely having either DEKRA or a Land Rover Approved garage inspect it (if the LRA garage will actually do it, that is). Even with a repair, I will make sure I maintain at least my average use of the car at first, to ensure it gets a chance to show any faults.
Even aside from these complications, if I decide to trade the car in, will these repairs damage the value significantly? After this, I'm considering a lower car! I'm assuming that once a mechanic from any other dealer looks at the car carefully, he'll spot the recent major work.
Naming and Shamign - I've been on a few forums where this is actively discouraged, usually with good reason - flaming posts where there's obviously a lot more to the story. I wasn't sure the sorts of things I said fell under that categorisation, and having read the 'naming and shaming' topic, I'm still not sure it does. However, if the mods remove the insurer names, I'll know it does!
Thanks again.
Insurance repair problem and confusion - Bill Payer
Just a comment on the repair cost, as it's not obvious you realise this, but I *think* (maybe someone who knows for sure could confirm this?) that the £9000 is just the labour cost. Parts are additional at cost. That would explain why they prevaricated so much.
Insurance repair problem and confusion - Aprilia
Few misunderstandings above, I think.

Car only becomes a 'Cat D' on payout to you. If a car is repaired by an insurer then it doesn't appear on the register. Thus a 1-day-old car can be serverly damaged and be repaired by an insurer but not appear on the register at all. A lot of private punters think that if a car doesn't come up on HPI then its not been damaged - that's not the case at all. If you go ahead with insurance repair then Cat 'A, B C etc is not really an issue for you.

An inspection by a main agent is not really the best way to go - they will probably just ask a local bodyshop. I would definitely use Autolign for this ( ) they have a few bases around the UK and will also come out to you. They are the people with most experience in looking at severly damaged/repaired vehicles.

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