Ford Fiesta indicator clicker!! - niel
I have a 2001 ford fiesta 1.6 zetec s, i used a power washer to clean all the rubbish out of my wheel arches about a year ago and after i had cleaned them i turned the ignition and the indicator clicker was going crazy!! it was clicking really fast but the indicators werent flashing, eventually it calmed down but now every time its starts raining or gets damp it does it again occasionally!!! any ideas what it is???
ford fiesta indicator clicker!! - jc2
Sounds like a short in one of the indicators.
ford fiesta indicator clicker!! - mss1tw
Water ingress to a relay. The jetwash has probably dislodged a seal.
ford fiesta indicator clicker!! - niel
any ideas where the relay is??? is it easy to repair??? im guessing it is behind the arch liner?? is there a relay for each corner??? are they easy to get at???
ford fiesta indicator clicker!! - niel
any ideas?
ford fiesta indicator clicker!! - jc2
The relay is inside the car-that's what you hear clicking when indicating-if you jet washed the wheelarchs,it is more likely to be an intermittent short in the wiring or lights in that area.
ford fiesta indicator clicker!! - niel
sounds like it is going to be a real pain to find out the problem then!!!
ford fiesta indicator clicker!! - bell boy
Water ingress to a relay. The jetwash has probably dislodged a seal.

it will be dead now if it hasnt had its quota of fish
ford fiesta indicator clicker!! - 547HEW
Hi niel,

Did you ever get this one fixed or solved? Or did it go away? (Have the same symptoms on my Golf, but not affected by weather conditions),

ford fiesta indicator clicker!! - buzbee
Years ago, flashers were thermally operated.

The current flow heated something which broke the circuit until it cooled down again enough to make a contact again. Thus when one of the bulbs failed, it clicked more rapidly, because the circuit did not stay broken as long.

So, one of the first tests you could usefully do, is to take out one of the indicator bulbs to see if your car does this. If it does, your problem could be caused by a bulb failing to make contact. You, being in the car, would not see the faulty bulb.

I have not tried taking a bulb out on my recent cars, and I always change my bulbs before they wear out -- when they look black. Flashers may no longer be thermally operated but, I guess, the speeding up clicking process will probably still take place (electronically?) to indicate that something is wrong. So clean the bulb contacts and make sure they are contacting properly.


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