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Anyone know how to get the fault codes flashed via the engine management light on a 98 Vectra DI using a paper clip. Topbuzz suggests pins 5 and 6 shorted for the petrol version but only pins 3,4,5,7,8,12,and 16 have inserts on the DI?

Fault is that car goes in to limp home mode only on motorway. Switching off and on resets and car behaves normally for a while. Fuel filter and air filter have been changed. Air mass/temp sensor next perhaps?

Vectra codes - Cymrogwyllt
Veru possibly air mass flow sensor
Vectra codes - Dynamic Dave

Unfortunately the paperclip trick doesn't work on diesels.
Vectra codes - helicopter
Could be MAF sensor but if the car is still sluggish even when not in limp home mode, first check that the catalytic converter is not blocked.

This was the cause of a similar problem on my company Vectra DI but was only found by good friend of these technical threads Andrew Moorey , and only after much sensor changing and heartache at another local garage at considerable expense.

If you want the full story you can get it by searching back on the old threads here.

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