Which Tyre? - R75
Well the Shuttle is in need of a couple of front tyres, it has P6000s on the the front at the moment but I have always found them to be a bit soft and as such don't wear well, being a 2.3 auto and a 7 seater the fronts take quite a bit of punishment so I want something that is quite hard wearing.

So far I have narrowed it down to GOODYEAR - NCT5, Pirelli P6000's again or firestone tz200's the tyre size is 205 65 15H and budget is about £60 tops (each, fitted), I want to stay with a well known brand as this car carries lots of kids and does a fair amount of motorway work now. Any advice gratefully received.
Which Tyre? - Hamsafar
Pirelli P6 and P7 replaced the P6000, P6000 is 11 year old tyre now.
Also, NCT5 is no longer made, but still available in the supply chain.

P6 or P7 is harder wearing than P6000 and better in every respect. The P7 wear raing is much higher than P6000 look at some sidewall markings, as I dont have them to hand.
Which Tyre? - RichardM
I have Firestone TZ200s on the Primera - they are smaller profile to yours though. I have been quite satisfied with them so far. They are just up in the range from the budget brands, in fact mine cost me the same from my backstreet tyre place as some non-descript unknown Chinese type would have from a national tyre retailer. Grip is good in all weather, though they do appear to be a bit on the soft side, wearing on the outer third on the fronts, so fronts will probably only do 15K or so for me. They claim to be 'fuel saving', 5% IIRC, which I was a little sceptical about, but I have to say I do get pretty good economy so it could be right...
Which Tyre? - Chris M
TZ200's were original fitment on my Vectra and I've stuck with them. Enough wet and dry grip for me, although I'm no boy racer. I suspect you aren't either. A quiet ride is my top priority and they are good. Only downside is they don't seem to last that long - perhaps 20k tops on the front (I don't keep notes), but then they aren't the most expensive tyre to start with. You should be able to get them for a little over £50 each fitted.

Chris M
Which Tyre? - barchettaman
With a bit of luck TyreExpert will be along shortly with his recommendations.
Which Tyre? - R75
Thanks for the replies so far, Was very interesting reading about the TZ's as that is what I am leaning towards, but I have never used Firestones before - the other 2 brands I have used before, always found goodyear to be hard wearing but lacking in grip - not sure if this is the same with the NCT5!!
Which Tyre? - daveyjp
I've now run almost 1500 miles on Vredestein Ultracs, but they hadn't been tested in the wet. After yesterday and driving through a torrential storm (30mph max on A64), followed by country lanes with puddles the full width and deep water in places, followed by a muddy track in a field and then wet grass I can confirm they are excellent - ESP light never lit, even on the wet grass when I as expecting it. The Proms in the Park, the reason this was necessary, is well recommended!!

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