Ford friendly independant Woking area? - Mutton Geoff
My gf's Fiesta Zetec was just out of warranty when the car started running badly and the engine management light came on. Had it towed to Dagenham Motors in Byfleet who did a reasonable job and changed the coil. Today, a couple of months later, the light is back on but no apparent misfiring or poor running this time.

In fear of the car developing large bills at a Ford main agent, can anyone recommend an independant local to Woking/Weybridge that would be able to plug in and diagnose the reason for the light again or are we better off going back to DM?

Ford friendly independent Woking area? - Thommo
Give Deepcut Garage a call. I have always found them to be honest and start forward. If they can't help you they may know someone who can. 01252 545474.
Ford friendly independent Woking area? - cheddar
There is a tuning place down one of the roads off Oyster lane in Byfleet, almost opposite the road that leads to Dagenham Motors service centre. I cant think of their name though they were recomended to my dad because they have Ford diagnostics stuff and can reset engine management lights, determine fault codes etc. They were going to charge half the main dealer cost for resetting an engine management light. As it happens he never used them however they came well reomended from someone in the Focus owners club (no, not Adam!).
Ford friendly independent Woking area? - cheddar
>>just out of warranty when the car started running badly >>

Should say that Ford usually take a fair view on problems a few months out of warranty if the car has FFSH.
Ford friendly independent Woking area? - henry k
There are a couple of guys at Shepperton who set up on their own after the Ford dealer closed at Shepperton. station. They have years of experience from working at the dealers. I have no idea how much they charge but they should be good with Fords.
If you require more info please ask.
Ford friendly independent Woking area? - mss1tw
Fields Car Care in Woking are highly recommended, not Ford specific though.

"Field's Car Centre, Units 5-7 Goldsworth Road Industrial Estate, Goldsworth Road, Woking, Surrey GU21 1LY; tel: 01483 766634. (Independent Garage of the Year 1995-96. A family-run outfit offering exceptional servicing, and with real attention to customer relations.)"
Ford friendly independent Woking area? - Mutton Geoff
Thanks for all the replies. After consideration, we took the car back to Dagenham Motors.

They booked it in for a look 48 hours after my call and had it fixed in a few hours. Previous fault was failed coil which triggered engine management light as well as expected misfire. Latest event seems to be contamination of cat converter which could cost £300+ but DM say fault cleared and cat looks OK. No charge for the service, and possibility of goodwill if cat fails due to original fault.

Discussed option of buying new Focus to replace and guys behind counter suggest various ways to buy new car outside of main dealer network to save money.

These guys are friendly, honest and straightforward. Another recommendation for Dagenham Motors, Byfleet.

Ford friendly independent Woking area? - Mutton Geoff
Bad news, engine management light back on again with slight misfire. Back to Dagenham Motors. Patience wearing a little with the car and this repeated niggle.

Anyone else seen this type of problem with the Fiesta?


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