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Afternoon all

SWMBO is currently insured with Tesco, fully comprehensive and is time for renewal. Problem is her current possibly does not allow her third party cover to drive other cars due to age restrictions (she is 21).

Does anyone know a company that will allow her to do that is she has fully comp insurance and as a sidenote has a pretty competitive excess rate?

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Try You'll only need to enter her details once, and you'll get a big list of prices back. with links to the terms and conditions attached to each quote / policy.

Insurance company recommendation? - touristboy

Have just done that actually and got some decent quotes back.

Just called one of them and he said that with regards to 3rd party cover to drive other cars, very few companies will do that for anyone under 25 and the ones that do charge a premium for it.

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You could also look at

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I'm afraid that car insurance companies are clamping down big time on third party cover to drive other cars. Apparently this is at the request of the police, who consider this option is too open to abuse.

It's extremely unlikely this clause will be offered to anyone under 25.

More than likely, now or in the near future, it will disappear completely and won't be offered to anyone at all.

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but good luck anyway; you might just be lucky!
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Wierd, I've just renewed my bike insurance and the DOC cover has now been expanded and I'm now covered fully comp to drive another bike.
Insurance company recommendation? - touristboy
Not surprised it is open to abuse, but what are the limits?

Does the type of car matter, or theoretically could you drive an affluent friends ferrari third party with such a policy???
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Does the type of car matter, or theoretically could you drive
an affluent friends ferrari third party with such a policy???

It's people doing just that which is one of the reasons why insurance companies have said they want to drop this cover. The official reason is that it was causing confusion, with things like people who were named drivers on policy's thinking they were covered etc.

I've asked this before, but does anyone know why it was ever introduced in the first place? (Not a guess, please, but genuinely know).

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