Roof Boxes - type's'
Just come back from a fantastic weeks holiday in Dorset. My first visit and I can recommend it.
This country has some fantatsic coast line and beaches (Studland Bay in particular)
Problem was all the stuff I rammed into the Accord (I knew I should have had the estate).
I am considering a roof box and will probably buy a Kamei box with Altea bars.

The question is do roof boxes effect stability of the car at motorway speeds ?
Can anyone that uses them please let me know.
Roof Boxes - the_bandit
I use a Thule X1 on my Galaxy.

From my experience, I don't even notice it's on whether driving around town or pushing 70mph on the motorway.

Roof Boxes - Morgie
Just come back from a fantastic weeks holiday in Dorset.

As a Dorset resident I'm delighted you enjoyed your visit to my part of the world.
My wife and I holidayed in the Lake District for a week back in June using a roof box on my Rover 45 turbo diesel. It did nearly 1000 miles and still got 45 -50 mpg. Didn't notice any affect on the motorway travelling at the speed limit. I even left in on all week whilst up there, too much of a fag to take it off. Have a look on E-bay for them; I got my Karrite for £40 from a chap in just down the road from me in Poole.
Roof Boxes - Chips with everything
The only effect I've noticed is during a cross wind, best to keep the weight as low as possible - ie. out of the roofbox.

Other than that, a loss of 2-3 mpg from our vectra 2.2 estate.

Roof Boxes - gsb
Clearly some are more aerodynamic than others. I have a fairly long/wide ski box which is not very high but can hold an amazing amount together with ski equipment. If you use soft bags you can fill all the space. I would not be surprised if most people wish they had bought a larger box than they did. ( As long as future storage is not a problem ). Also think of the total height on car if you are ever likely to encounter any height restrictions in your travels.
I have never really checked but I also would think about 2-3 mpg on our 406 estate.
Buy a good quality box with strong bars and it should last a lifetime.
Roof Boxes - boxsterboy
Put the lightweight bulky stuff in the roof box, and keep ther heavy stuff low down in th car boot.

We've got a 480l Thule box, opens both sides. Can hardly hear it on the (German) motorway at 85-ish. Can only feel it during gales. Highly recommended.
Roof Boxes - type's'
Many thanks people - I will proceed with the advice above.
Morgie - you live in a fantastic part of the world.
Roof Boxes - cheddar
Been camping for a few days, got the roof box out of the garage rafters last week, found the roof bars and all fixings though could I find the key for the roof box? No! Cost me nearly 30 quid for Thule to courier a key (plus a spare!) to me for Sat am.

Lesson learned!
Roof Boxes - Nsar
Just bought a Thule. The keys came in a plastic bag with adhesive on the outside and I've stuck the spare in a compartment in the boot. Might be worth doing.
Roof Boxes - cheddar
I have just put the roof box away, one key is staying on may car key ring and the other is in the box with the roof bars.

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