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How do i know if a single carriageway has 2,3 or 4 traffic lanes when the only marking on the road is a central line? It is not uncommon to see 2 cars side by side on a single carriageway with no traffic lane marking, particularly just before a traffic light, but is it legal?
Any ideas?
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Highway Code:

106: A broken white line. This marks the centre of the road. When this line lengthens and the gaps shorten, it means that there is a hazard ahead. Do not cross it unless you can see the road is clear well ahead and wish to overtake or turn off.

110: Lane dividers.These are short broken white lines which are used on wide carriageways to divide them into lanes. You should keep between them.

So there should be lane dividers.
how many lanes on a single carriageway - psi
read above as an adjunction to the RTa 1988 c.52 s.38
(7) A failure on the part of a person to observe a provision of the Highway Code shall not of itself render that person liable to criminal proceedings of any kind but any such failure may in any proceedings (whether civil or criminal, and including proceedings for an offence under the Traffic Acts, the [1981 c. 14.] Public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981 or sections 18 to 23 of the [1985 c. 67.] Transport Act 1985) be relied upon by any party to the proceedings as tending to establish or negative any liability which is in question in those proceedings.
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IIRC within the D of T Traffic Management Bible on road signs there is a set criteria on road width which leads to centre/lane markings and which is why a lot of the very rural C Class do not have any lines at all.

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<< but is it legal?

I'm sure the law doesn't rigidly cover every conceivable set of circumstances that can occur on a road.
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Most magistrates work to the "Spirit of the law" not to the "Letter".

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