Malfunction Indicator lamp/ Engine check - manymanythanks
I have a 2000X Reg Honda Accord Auto, done 55000 miles. Last wednesday while I was driving, the Engine check light ( Malfunction Indicator light) came on. The car was a bit hesitant on acceleration. I phoned the dealer with whom I service. Unfortunately they can't check it till next friday. When I drove the car on Thursday, there was no MIL and it was driving OK, until I had to stop at a roundabout when it stalled and the MIL came on again but managed to drive it after a few seconds. I filled it up with petrol and on driving off, it stalled again. It started again and I was able to bring it home and I haven't driven it since. I have started it in the last 3 days and has put it in Reverse and Drive but didn't drive but no MIL light now. I am going to take it to the dealer next week but any I am grateful for any advise,

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