on choke??? Astra 1.6 16v (yr 2000) - piston power
i have a astra 1.6 16v year 2000, when i drive from cold the car seems to judder like its on choke, if the lights are at green and i have done 4 miles or so its still the same, however if they are at red and i stop the revs are at 11000rpm and drop down to 800rpm as normal then all is fine!! i have seen on here it might need the ecu re-programing?? or is there anything else that holds the revs?? its fine when warm i service the car every 10,000mls regardles any ideas??
on choke??? - Peter D
Could be a defective water temp sensor lying to the ecu. Find an Indi garage and hve them test it from cold. Regards Peter
on choke??? - mike hannon
Do a forum search for Astra clutch judder.
on choke??? - piston power
the judder is not the clutch,its holding revs at about 11,000rpm which is fine when cold but should knock off quick with all this hot weather surley?
on choke??? - bell boy
if it needs a new ecu bigtee then andrew page do reconditioned ones,apparently they arent so good on this car and seing as they are next to the battery i can see why..........
The cts is a good thought ...........
can you not get it scanned by an indi?................
hope you are misguided by your 11000 revs by the way as i would run if a cooking car of mine did that........
on choke??? - Number_Cruncher
Does this model have secondary air injection? I know the mkIII Astra 1.6 16v did, and this should hold the idling revs high for a minute or two.

BTW, I think you mean 1100 rpm rather than 11000 rpm!

Another thing to check is that the throtle body isn't full of crud - they are woth cleaning out with some carb cleaner spray.

on choke??? - piston power
yes got a bit carried away with the noughts!! 1100 revs, i'll have a look in the throtle body cheers.

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