Tyre complaint. How? - Carl2
Had two tyres fitted to the wifes car about a fortnite ago. One of the new tyres makes a noise just like a worn wheel bearing. The noise was present as soon as the tyre was fitted but just to be sure I stripped and checked all possible other causes. As soon as I put the spare on the noise vanished. I told the tyre bay and they are getting in a new tyre but at the moment I have not asked for either a free replacement or a discount. The price of the tyre does not really bother me but taking the car back [ round trip 30 miles] plus having to eliminate all other causes is a bit of a nuisance, so it would be nice to be offered a free replacement. How do you think I stand ?
Tyre complaint. How? - Civic8
If the tyre is faulty,it will be replaced FOC.not something I have needed to negotiate.
it should be warranted for a year for bad workmanship,problems created by poor driving are not covered ie hitting a kerb and the like

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