Insurance query - The Bear
My wife insured a car in her own right until Sept 04 at which time she enjoyed 65%NCB, she has always been
the Spouse or named driver on my car Insurance during 32 years of marriage. Neither of us have ever claimed nor do we have any convictions.

This year, and in order to protect her NCB , it was decided she would once again become a Policy holder
naming me as the Spouse. Our Insurance Company will not accept her proof of no claims stating in order for it to be valid it must be concurrent to the Policy she is taking out.

In a nutshell Customer services say her NCB is valid Sept 04 to Sept 06. Motor Policies say because her NCB has lapsed for 21 months it is not valid.

Is there a difinitive or should we just change Insurer.
Insurance query - artful dodger {P}
Sounds very much like they do not want your business. Most insurance companies will respect NCB for 2 years, some for 3 years.

Time to try another company. I can certainly recommend elephant for a keen price as I have a similar number of accident free years.

I read frequently, but only post when I have something useful to say.
Insurance query - Mookfish
Try telling them that you will switch insurers, after getting a quote from elsewere and confirming that they will accept her NCB, and see what the say to that. There is a good chance they will change their mind, if not go to another comapany their loss realy as she is a low risk.
Insurance query - No FM2R
Somebody has their head up their butt. In virtually every insurance company in the UK NCB is valid for a minimum of 2 years after the last policy lapsed. The only glitch would be if she had an accident in that car during the intervening time.

Tell them you will change insurers if you don't get the right answer; don't content yourself with the call desk person who knows lots about telephones but nothing about insurance.

i.e. put your boots on. Begin with kicking, move on to walking., But get it done before September.

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