Seat Belt Psychology - tack
Getting into you car, putting seat belt on and pulling away is the easiest thing in the world (unless you have very short arms and a large tummy-tum-tum)

So, why do a lot of people get into the car, pull away, then struggle to put seatbelt on?

Seat Belt Psychology - Armitage Shanks {p}
I note that the non-wearing of seat belts is commonly associated with a selection of other physical and mental attributes. These include, but are not limited to:-

1. Playing music very loud with the windows open
2. Cheap after market body kits
3. Silly exhaust pipes
4. Baseball hats, normal or back to front
5. Throwing litter out of the open widows
6. Bad acne
7. Bad attitude

Probably no tax or insurance but no way of knowing that as they drive by at speedlimit + 10 mph
Seat Belt Psychology - Lud
Calm down AS, I think the OP was talking about people who do wear seatbelts, not the social undesirables you partially describe...

Perhaps these late-belters (I've caught myself doing it once or twice I have to admit, always makes me feel stupid) imagine they are in a hurry, or perhaps like me became motorists before seat belts were fitted, let alone compulsory...
Seat Belt Psychology - Armitage Shanks {p}
SORRY! Read the question - calm down dear your chavphobia is showing! Grovelling aplogy for thread creep - good night!
Seat Belt Psychology - Roberson
I know the people you mean tack. I just don't get it, frankly. The frantic arm bending, knot inducing struggle you see them doing makes you wonder if the time saved by not putting it on before commencing the journey was really worth it. (or whether it saved them any time at all. This is the only reason I can think of)
Seat Belt Psychology - AlastairW
I must admit I'm a put it on after setting off type.
Invariably my first manoevre of the day is backing out of my parking bay, which can be a bit tricky visibility wise due to neighbours work vans, so I find it is easier to reverse unbelted and then belt up after getting going. Never had a problem with the belt tangling either!
Seat Belt Psychology - bell boy
why dont you back in on a night and drive out in a morning,? ;) seat belt on........
Seat Belt Psychology - AlastairW
Its a layout thing. I park in a kind of lay by, in which we locals maximise the space by parking at 45 degrees to the road (ie: diagonally). If I backed in:
1. My front end would face traffic - not as good as reflectors at night.
2. I would have to execute a 135 degree turn in the road to go in my usual direction.

Of course, its all messed up if a non local parks across more than one bay, parallel to the road. And no, I dont't live in Royston Vasey....
Seat Belt Psychology - bell boy
no makes sense to me now and sounds a sensible solution maximise space,i had a letter from the IR a couple of years ago at work (the ratings dept) asking how many designated parking spaces i have (stealth tax warning i thought) i told them non we all come to work on our bikes ;)........
Today i had a cold call from the music at work society asking if my customers can hear my radio as i whistle while i work because if they can i need a licence,are we running out of real jobs in the uk then? .........i nearly told him to belt up ..,(motoring link?)
Seat Belt Psychology - Nsar
Set off and then belt up - saves time.

But then you're talking to someone who lives about 3 minutes off the road and I have my morning shave by the time I reach tarmac.

Clarkson had an amusing riff about people who would consciously think about it to choose to enter 99 seconds cooking time on the microwave than faff about entering 100seconds. That's me.

Anyway it gives me more time to waste here.

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