VW Golf Emissions warning light - dazzler
I have a 2000 W Reg Golf 1.6SE and have been having constant problems with the Emissions warning light coming on for a couple of days then going out for a couple. The light is amber and doesn't blink. It has come on when the car has been stalled on a couple of occassions, but also when the car seems to be running fine. The only other symptom seems to be a occasional slight misfiring.

The problem has been happening since VW put a new speed sensor in. Although I don't know if this is related.

I have had the throttle body cleaned, but the light has still come on again. VW told me I would need a new throttle body, but I'm not convinced that this will solve the problem.

Does anyone have any ideas???
VW Golf Emissions warning light - Edward
On my 2000W Octavia it was caused by the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor. This is a pretty common problem on VAG engines. The part is a standard Bosch part for VW / Skoda / SEAT / Audi and is probably cheapest (<£100) from Skoda or SEAT. Might be worth a try. Another possibiitiy that I also had occur on the Octavia was a perished vauum hose contolling the EGR. This let excess unmetered air into the manifold which caused the light to come on.
VW Golf Emissions warning light - dazzler
thanks for your suggestion edward, will check this out

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