VW Golf IV Driver's Window - John Doubledime

The electric window no longer works. Would appreciate any advice on fault finding.

Is it possible to get an explicit manual for this car on the net. I was a little disappointed with the Haynes manual.

VW Golf IV Driver's Window - Altea Ego
The manuals on ebay you want are ELSAWIN on cd and dvd

Fault finding is
stiff mechanism, fuse, switch, motor, in that order
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VW Golf IV Driver's Window - George Porge
Can you hear a faint click (a relay) in side the door if you press the window button? Pull back the rubber trunking between the A pillar and the door and you'll likely find a wire broken off the back of the plug. Very common on all later VWs
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VW Golf IV Driver's Window - John Doubledime
Thanks Dox and TVM
VW Golf IV Driver's Window - Rhubarb

You might find some useful info in the links below:



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Be careful, it doesn't sound like this is you problem but one common problem with the Mk IV is that the window becomes detached from the regulator mechanism that moves it up and down. The window will stick in position sometimes and than fall to the bottom of the door and break into a million pieces - typically when the door is slammed shut. It might be worth wedging the window up before you start to dismantle anything.

forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=1015107&postid=9506802#9506802 might help as well.

Good luck - Andy

VW Golf IV Driver's Window - John Doubledime
Cheers Andy
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