Mondeo Exhaust(ed) - Skipper2001
Has anyone ever tried to replace the back section of a Mondeo Estate exhaust? My advice? Get someone else to do it!
The one piece type involves dropping the rear axle, cutting the pipe at the bend or sometimes, both. Why the eck don't manufacturers make cars more servicable? (Other than to give their mechanics work that is)
My car has been lifted nearly four feet off the floor and no matter which way the exhaust is twisted, turned or coaxed, it will not clear the axle without hitting the fuel tank, the spare wheel well or the car body.
Any suggestions for future reference?
Mondeo Exhaust(ed) - Waino
Yes - I've seen this problem with the back box on my Mondeo estate. The box (at about 8 years) had become very noisy with bits rattling around inside it so I took the car to my local tyre/exhaust centre. They had to cut the pipe to remove the old box and, in order to thread the new one over the rear axle, they had to drop the lift a bit whilst supporting the car body on a prop. It looked a bit like a tortoise's legs when you hold it by the shell.

It was all rather 'Heath Robinson' and, needless to say, I stood well clear!

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