DVLA number plate transfer - Cheeky
Would anyone know if tranferring a personal plate from one vehicle to another can be quick (i.e days, rather than months). I have transfered once before, but retained the number first, putting the old car back onto original plates, before taking the new vehicle to the DVLA to get re-registered. I don't mind doing this again, but it was a long wait for the retention document to be processed.

Has anyone transferred from one vehicle to another a faster way. Dealers seem reluctant to do the swap for you on used vehicles, and it is a used car I am interested in buying.
Many thanks for any advice.
DVLA number plate transfer - Pugugly {P}
Never had a problem with it. Pop to local LVLO (who are well used to PU visits with strange requests) all done over the counter, never ever had any trouble.

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