I want a Rover... - Adam {P}
No seriously. I do. More precisely, I would like to source, and then buy a Rover 2.5l V6 for a 75 Tourer.

I really need your help on this chaps - I don't have a clue where to start.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I want a Rover... - Thommo
A psychiatrist?
I want a Rover... - Xileno {P}
Try phoning some dismantlers in your area.
I want a Rover... - Adam {P}
I've tried a few in the phone book X but nothing. I could swear one of them actually sniggered when I asked.
I want a Rover... - Adam {P}
I know I know!

My only saving grace is that once I've found it, I won't have anything whatsoever to do with it anymore!
I want a Rover... - Xileno {P}
Surely you will fit it?
I want a Rover... - Adam {P}

Just so we're clear - this engine isn't for me. If I did go ahead with my V6 idea for mine, it certainly wouldn't be a Rover one!!
I want a Rover... - Xileno {P}
You may come across a KV6 fitted to the 800 but this is not the same engine as the one in the 75. It was heavily modifed for the 75 to engineer out a number of problems.
I want a Rover... - Thommo
Sorry couldn't resist.

This usually works:

I want a Rover... - Happy Blue!
Oh! Roll on June 13th.... I can't wait to find out what he's on about.
Espada III - well if you have a family and need a Lamborghini, what else do you drive?
I want a Rover... - borasport20
What's your budget ?
£1800 could currently get you a complete car tinyurl.com/m469d
and it's only in Wallasey

Go on, get out of the car...
I want a Rover... - artful dodger {P}
Hi Adam

Do not worry about the snide remarks some of the BR's make about Rovers (although after some of your questions I think you must be used to some of their comments by now).

In the Motoring section of the Telegraph on Saturday was a quarter page advert from a firm specialising in Rovers. IIRC it was something like SMC, I feel sure they are regular advertisers and have a very wide selection of Rovers including some for 06 registration.

Hope this helps.

I read frequently, but only post when I have something useful to say.
I want a Rover... - blue_haddock
Try these systems Adam


If you'd asked a while back i could of arranged for the one in my company motor to be donated!
I want a Rover... - Stuartli
At least one on e-Bay but it's £2,295:

tinyurl.com/kkz8k as a Buy Now!

List at:

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I want a Rover... - bell boy
try raw2k they can get most things as they are an agency that deals with many breakers,put in your request and there is a fair chance you will get a reply,might be cheaper to register with them and buy a complete accident damaged car and ravage the bits off it (thats what i usually do if its an oddball)and they will deliver (their agents will anyway.
I want a Rover... - R40
If you want just the KV6 power unit then SMC in Slough might be able to help you but a good bet is to contact XPart.co.uk or rimmerbros.co.uk


I want a Rover... - Stuartli
For some unbeknown reason (for what I can't imagine) my immediate correction to the above posting that I mistakenly assumed Adam wanted a Rover 75 with a V6 engine, rather than an engine on its own, was deleted.
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What\'s for you won\'t pass you by
I want a Rover... - Collos25
If as I understand you are just after an engine what is the point you will end up with a hotch potch motor worth even less than when you started .If on the other hand you are after the complete car than refer to answer two infact just refer to it anyway.
I want a Rover... - Nsar
Adam, you're not far from Bury are you? You could ring a few of the community of car breakers at Pimhole, just off the M66. look on Yell.com

If you've never been there - it's quite an experience!
I want a Rover... - Adam {P}
Hi Chaps,

Thanks very much for all the help. There's plenty to be getting on with for today!

Budget is pretty much unlimited but obviously it's not worth paying loads and loads for one.

I'll get onto all these and let you know how I'm getting on later.

Many thanks for all the help,

I want a Rover... - Adam {P}
Got one!

After being initially unhelpful, a number of telephone calls later (on their part) revealed that a company listed above (just to be careful) had one with 30 odd thousand miles with a warranty for just £600.

Bought and should be delivered early next week.

Thanks for all the links and advice. I'll let you know how the fitting goes.


I want a Rover... - Civic8
Adam,I would be interested to hear what you think of it,I was surprised some time ago that the amount of these that actually cause problems is less than most other cars.

Also know people that have owned one from new without serious problems and still have!
I want a Rover... - R40
If on the
other hand you are after the complete car than refer to
answer two infact just refer to it anyway.

.........and (just for clarity you understand) exactly what is it you drive? lol

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