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1997 mk 3 golf - adam f
i am looking for a new car and would like a golf. i have seen 2 which i like the look of. 1st is a 1997 mk3 1.9 tdi and the other a 1997 mk3 1.8se. The tdi has 110k on the clock and the SE has 89k. both same price at £1750 ono. Is this to pricey for them? What is the best one? anything to look out for
1997 mk 3 golf - Sprice
The Tdi would be my choice. It sounds a little pricey, but the mileage is good as these are usually very (200k+) high mileage when sold on. Loads on ebay, you could get a general idea of the demand/price for them on there. It might imminently need a cambelt change, so factor this in when/if you haggle (but definately haggle)!
1997 mk 3 golf - Sofa Spud
We've got a '94 mk 3 Golf (1.4 CL). It's well built and I would recommend the car other than the 1.4 engine which has had problems!

We've also got a '94 Passat TDI so I would recommend the TDI engine. So I agree with Sprice - a Golf Mk 3 1.9 TDI would be my choice too.

1997 mk 3 golf - Sofa Spud
Problems on Mk 3 Golf. Other than a failed head gasket on our 1.4 CL model, the manual window winding mechanism (cable operated) has failed twice on ours.
1997 mk 3 golf - Xileno {P}
Watch for rust. And the glove box lock will probably be broken...

Otherwise good buys.
1997 mk 3 golf - The-DB-Monster
Mk3 golf is a good solid car.
1997 mk 3 golf - The-DB-Monster
Oh and great site btw!
1997 mk 3 golf - sony
Excellent choice!! I've got a mk3 tdi and it's brilliant in every way. Rock solid believe me!
1997 mk 3 golf - dja
TDI every time. As much torque as a VR6 and 56mpg. I have a 1997 Vento that has done 160K and never failed (135k by myself). Just Cat 3 written off, it's off for a new MOT soon. I may be selling later.

Personally I'd try and find a Vento rather than a Golf. they drive better, cost less and can carry much more. And yes, I've had both in mk3 form. Just avoid white :-) Not high on the image stakes, but 1250 should find a good one.


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