Skoda Disc Brakes - Graham
Can I have a sanity check please from you guys.

Yesterday I went to the main dealer as my disc calliper "slider" on the front offside has partially seized and therefore the pad had worn away prematurely. It would go on but not retract fully. This is the second time that it has happened. The car is 2.5 yrs old and has a three-year warranty. It also came with free servicing, but that has all been used up.

To the point, Skoda have refused to pay for the replacement disc pads and fitting stating that pads are a consumable and therefore not covered by the warranty. I realise that they are consumables but they required replacing due to either a bad design of calliper or bad servicing.

The problem has caused unnecessary wear and surely they should offer a good will payment? or am I being the unreasonable one?
Re: Skoda Disc Brakes - David W

Quite common with all sorts of vehicles, not always a maintenance error.

However if you were in front of me with this problem I'd offer to refund the pad cost, less the friction material used on the "fault free" pads.

With this attitude the actual cost to the dealer should be about £15, not much for the goodwill involved.


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