*** HELP Merc C320 (2002) Wipers *** - Mercedes 320
My wipers stopped working all of a sudden. When I try to use them, i can hear the motor at work, but the wipers won't budge.

Mercedes Benz inspected my car and gave me an estimate of £450 (£120 for the motor and the rest is labour; full of duress).

Many forums suggest that the wipers may have simply snapped off the motor. But I don't know how to even get the turtle shell off the engine beneath the hood. Probably someone has got pictures pointing where any lugs which may be holding the shell? I read on a website that replacing a faulty motor is easy if one can reach it. Just need help reaching that thing.

All help would be appreciated as I don't want to waste money on replacing my motor; at least from a benz garage. I've been thru them in my warranty period and they will simply replace anything which doesn't seem to be working. They have replaced my comand three times for a battery failure problem and later found out that it was something else. (My view: totally illiterate & inefficient non-professionals; greedy of money)

Please help me if you can. If you are a merc pro; i'm sorry as I don't want to hurt individuals. It's the company policy, which I'm against.

*** HELP Merc C320 (2002) Wipers *** - Falkirk Bairn
£450 seems a bargain!!

I had similar in 1998 on my then C Class and it cost £510 - next to go was the fuel pump at £720 - next to go was the C Class

I now drive Japanese (1 X UK Japanese & 1 x Japanese Japanese) and so far only £300 + consumables in 7 years and 5 years respectively.

I rest my case on Quality of Manufacture
*** HELP Merc C320 (2002) Wipers *** - Roger Jones
Find an independent to diagnose and fix the problem. It sounds as though it could be a lot simpler and cheaper. If you tell me where you are, I may be able to identify a good independent in your area.
*** HELP Merc C320 (2002) Wipers *** - Aprilia
IIRC the motor is not under that turtle shell. The motor is to the side, you should be able to see it if you look. If you can hear is whirring then it sounds like a linkage fault.

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