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My 2001 1.8 Picasso has developed hesitation and irratic running. I have been told that this is likely to be the cat and it needs replacing. How easy is this to DIY? Are there any tips you could give me please? (Local dealer wants in excess of £350 and I can buy off internet for half this price - hence want to try and fit myself!). Many thanks,
Citroen catalytic converter - bell boy
go breakers low mileage write off.Cat will be o,e and will fit properly without screws washers and fingers crossed ,oh and will last longer than a year and a day.
Get a proper diagnosis by the way as a cat is only a cleaner and wont be the reason of your problems unless its turned in its housing or broken up and restricting airflow,any good garage can check this for you.

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Citroen catalytic converter - LeePower

Who says its the cat at fault? Has it been on a Citroen diagnostic machine?

Is this Citroen engine running a SAGEM coil pack? If it is try and borrow an Electrofill one & see if the fault now disappears.

Sagem coil packs cause no end of odd electrical & running faults on Peugeot / Citroen engines like misfires, flashing all the dash warning lights on, electrically spiking the engine ECU & then killing it.

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