focus estate gearbox problem - rob baker
last Thursday 31 jan 02 i bought a ford focus estate (may 99 T reg, 45000 miles, uk supplied, £6600) from a local garage (ex ford agent). I had it inspected (Green Flag) no major faults found (just exhausts + couple of minor things). I drove it home and parked it on drive. The next time the car was used (a day later) it would not engage any gears other than 1st and second. The gearleaver would not move over to any other position. The supplying garage have collected the car and have now sent the gearbox off to a specialist gearbox company to be repaired. I have asked for my money back but the garage are repairing the car and say it will be ready in a couple of days time. I dont know them but they seem a reasonable bunch (no longer ford dealers). Should i insist on a refund. If not is there anything major that should be checked by the garage before i have the vehicle back and will it be unreliable in the future? Could this gearbox problem have damaged any other part of the engine. If it is selectors(?) or something like that could it have damaged the gearbox elsewhere??

Many thanks for any help

Re: focus estate gearbox problem - T lucas
If the box is repaired competently and as you say G/Flag said the rest was OK you should relax and enjoy your Focus.

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