Scenic II Headlight bulb change - BobbyG
Passenger side headlight bulb has gone on my car (probably due to the Auto Lights function switching them on too often).
Handbook says to get a dealer to do it as access is restricted.

1. Is it possible to do it myself and if so, how?
2. Should I get the bulb from a dealer or will a bog standard Halfords one be the same?
Scenic II Headlight bulb change - BobbyG
Re my query above, have had a look at this in a bit more detail. There seems to be a rubber like cover which gets removed, the plug is then disconnected from the bulb, and the bulb removed by turning a quarter turn.
However, I can't get my hand down the gap between the battery and the headlight, though maybe my daughter's hand would!

Has anyone tried changing this bulb and had any success doing it themselves? I went to get a bulb from the dealer who said it was about £15 plus vat and that you need to remove the bumper to do it? I am sure this is a con and there will be an "insider" clever way of doing it!

Does anyone know how?
Scenic II Headlight bulb change - Dave N
You have to remove the bumper/front panel. It's not terribly difficult, just quite a few plastic rivets and bolts.
Scenic II Headlight bulb change - BobbyG
Is that the front bumper and a panel? Which panel? How do I do it? And, more importantly, will it go back on or will I be faced with a load of snapped rivets?
Scenic II Headlight bulb change - Xileno {P}
On the Megane you do it from underneath. Is there an access panel in the Scenic's wheelarch?
Scenic II Headlight bulb change - Xileno {P}
This thread may help:

It seems that the bumper does not need to come off.
Scenic II Headlight bulb change - Xileno {P}
In reply to your other question, Halfords sell good quality bulbs, I have used them in other cars with no problems. However, you may find the Renault price is not any more some main dealer prices are quite competitive now.

My dealer usually gives me bulbs, although probably not a headlight as they're a bit expensive. All good customer relations, they know I will be back again to buy a car if they're nice to me...
Scenic II Headlight bulb change - BobbyG
Doesn't seem to be an access panel in the wheelarch. Think its going to have to be my daughter's hand jammed in between the front panel and the battery.......

Maybe try SMMBO first though. If her hand gets stuck I will just leave her there!! :)
Scenic II Headlight bulb change - BobbyG
Well 2 hours today finally got my headlight bulb changed in the Scenic. In case it happens to you, here is how to do it (that is if you don't have a friendly dealer who will do it for nothing!

Halfords bulb to use is No 477, think it was £8.99, the dealer wanted over double that. The bulb is not shown in the wee guide book at the bulbs, had to ask at the parts desk.

Now this was passenger side bulb so firstly, unscrew the bolts on top of the battery cover and lift out of place. It is also held onto the front bulkhead with some sort of poppet which I couldn't free up so just twisted the cover out of the way.

Slipping your hand down as close to the battery as you can as opposed to the wingside) you will find a large rubber cover. Remove this simply by peeling away at the edges. Under that you will find the rear of the bulb. Now handbook says try and disconnect socket at rear of bulb, but a quarter turn in the combined unit will remove it all from the light. Then prise the bulb and the holder apart (I had to use a screwdriver for leverage).

Put new bulb on and clamp the socket back onto the bulb. Now switch your lights on to make sure bulb is working. On the bulb, there is a "prong". Now on the rear of the headlight there are protruding "screws" at the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock position. You want to slip the bulb into the hole, making sure the prong is approx 8 O'clock, and then turn slightly clockwise and this will lock it into position.

Replace rubber cover, replace battery cover and tighten screws and hey presto, all done!

Now between SWMBO and myself, I reckon we have well into double figures of cuts and scrapes, but job done!

Incidentally, the drivers side looks a lot easier, just unclip the washer bottle and move out of way to have (almost) full access to the bulb.

Hope this is of help to someone!
Scenic II Headlight bulb change - Xileno {P}
Bravo - we'll make a Renault mechanic of you yet...
Scenic II Headlight bulb change - rustbucket
Hi BobbyG, a bit late i know .The method you describe is spot on, thats the way I do a lamp change on my scenic 2 .I have had to change both sides (dipped beam) twice now in 2years the other lamp always fails shortly after the other.I dissabled the automatic headlamp option as it was a pain coming on every time i drove under a cannopy to fill with petrol.So I dont think the lamp failure is do to the fact that yours come on often.
rustbucket (the original)
Scenic II Headlight bulb change - Xileno {P}
At least you can work from above on the Scenic, Megane has to be done from underneath.
Scenic II Headlight bulb change - BobbyG
The bare flesh is now starting to scab over.........

I know its been discussed elsewhere, but I really don't know how manufacturers can get away with this. Wonder how it works in France where you are legally obliged to carry spare bulbs, presumably so that you ca change bulbs there and then.

Having said that, now that I have done it once, I could do it blindfolded or in the dark. Thats not to say that it is easy, just that you can't actually see any of the bits you are working on anyway!
Scenic II Headlight bulb change - JackoTheKeeper

Over 10 years later you're comment is still helping... Managed to get bulb holder on wires out, couldnt get bulb out of holder, wasnt sure how it came away, was your comment of 'having to use a screwdriver to prise it out' - thanks for that :-) ... To anyone else, just changed the drivers (offside) side bulb - tip - to get better access, you can unclip the washer water tube, it then just pulls away.

Scenic II Headlight bulb change - Greggers
I've done it, saved a dealer on the dealerprice, details here!BF7BD01A27A5DDA...1

Good luck

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