Holley Carburettor - Tony Cooper
I would appreciate advice on:
A)recommended products/methods to clean out old petrol from a Holley carb (car has been left standing for some time and old fuel will have evaporated by now leaving a non-combustible residue behind)
B) Any suggested Holley experts in the Surrey to get the carb set up? Jet sizes. etc. It was always a devil to start before and time won't have helped it! The engine is a mildly tuned Rover V8.

Someone out there seems to know the answer to everything asked!
Re: Holley Carburettor - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Use a good quality carburettor cleaner spray, preferably one for professional use and wear eye protection as carburettors have a habit of squirting cleaner straight into your eye! A 1/2" paintbrush with the bristles cut to about 3/8" long and an old toothbrush make good scrubbers. I have recently been involved with a Holley and a 4-Barrell Weber (Carter) carb on a 3.5 Rover in a Hawk 289 replica and the Weber seems to give better performance and economy. Best people to speak to are Southern Carbs & Injection at Wimbledon. Speak to Dave in the workshop. They have the advantage of a Rolling Road as well. Hope this helps
Re: Holley Carburettor - John Slaughter
If you can't find the cleaner Andrew recommends, cellulose thinners makes a good substitute.

Re: Holley Carburettor - Tony Cooper
Thank you for the advice. The potential of setting the car up using a rollong road is very attractive.
All I've got to do now is get it fired up and running long enough to get to Wimbledon.

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