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I have a 1998 SEAT Alhambra 1.9tdi with 60K miles and a sad looking interior from 5 years of family (ab)use. I bought the car for £11K with 10K miles in 2000 and would like to replace with a tough diesel family vehicle (car or alternative)with low miles for 10-15 grand. My kids are now a little older (9,8,5). Any ideas?
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TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
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TVM, just remember where your loyalties should lie!!

You will always be RF to us!!!!!
replacement family transport - Altea Ego
Bobby For you = Le Touran
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
replacement family transport - turbo11
My sister in law has 3 children under 5 years.A year ago they bought a new 2.0 TDI Touran.They are extremely pleased with it.
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VW Touran or Toyota Corolla Verso I'd suggest.

A new Renault Scenic, looked after and properly serviced, is fine, but a used one is a gamble as Renaults don't take abuse as well as others.

If you don't want another MPV a Skoda Octavia TDI estate takes a lot of beating, but the child in the middle won't be so comfortable. It probably depends on how often you are all together in the car.
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Value for money = Kia Sedona - think a new model is due shortly, so cheap should become cheaper!!


replacement family transport - mark
Thulby Motors are advetising in todays DT

O5 Vauxhall Signums Diesel or petrol from £9999.

Had a look on their website and the Diesels are the 2ltr DTi engines but with alloys and sat nav, didnt check to see what the petrols were. Both petrols and diesels had about 2k miles on them, would have been very tempted but for the 2.0ltr DTi engine which is only about 100bhp IIRC.

However lots of room in the back with these unless your kids are huge.

As always

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We just bought a sharan as we had the same decision to make moving from a picasso to something a little bigger to make way for child number three in a couple of months. We bought the sharan based on us needing plenty of room for a double puschair in the back plus we go camping in the summer so wanted the room for camping gear etc. We did look at the Touran, but for space the sharan just pipped it. Had the puschair not been as issue then we would have probably gone for a touran / zafira, and will probably scale back when the kids are older.

Sharan / Alhambra / Galaxy are excellent buys at the moment though - you can get some really good deals on pre reg / nearly new within your budget. By comparison I think the other full size MPVS are a little more expensive.
replacement family transport - wee scotty dog
Thanks for the advice. I'll check out the Touran and the Shalhambra.
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Why not try another Alhambra. I'm sure the Touran is a great car but it is significantly smaller and therefore in my mind less practical. Although it does have foldaway rear seats unlike the Alhambra
I happened to be at Car Giant on Friday and they have 03 plate Alhambra TDi SE manuals for around £12k with 30 to 40k on the clock.
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Have a look at the Kia Carens too. Drives nicely and surprisingly good in comparison wirh Grand Scenic, etc etc

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