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The middle rear seat belt (normal diagonal type) on my Pug 406 estate will not pull out of the reel. The mechanism has permanently caught the belt in the retracted position. There appears to be no obvious way of getting into the seat back, where the reel is located, to effect a repair. This seems to leave me with two options:
1.Get a another seat back, either new (probably expensive) or from a scrap yard (less expensive)
2.Cut the belt and live without it as I only very rarely carry three people in the back.

I'm tempted to go for the second option (being tight with my hard earned cash) but then thought of possible implications with the MOT test. If I remove the belt then it effectively does not exist and therefore cannot be a test failure.

Can anyone comment? Thanks.
Seat Belts & MOT Test - Doc
Have a look at: (See forward facing rear seats)

I think you can safely remove the centre belt.

Seat Belts & MOT Test - Doc
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Seat Belts & MOT Test - adverse camber
See if it will retract further. Sometimes seatbelts can be locked, predumably for childseats or loads.
This works on our audi ; pull the belt out to maximum then allow to slowly retract, when you do this it makes little clicking noises. Then you find that you can't pull it out any more - its locked at that maximum length. This is released by allowing it to slowly retract until it is fully retracted, whereupon it gets released and then works normally. But if it doesnt *fully* retract you are left with a belt that appears to be broken in the manner you describe.
Seat Belts & MOT Test - Quinny100
Before you do anything drastic, put a little oil in the seat back latching mechanism on both sides and give the seat a good shove to lock it upright a few times.

Sometimes the rear centre belts won't come out if the seatback is not latched into position properly. I've known this happen on several Mondeo's - it seems there is some sort of safety mechanism that doesn't always disengage unless you give the seat a good whack back into position.
Seat Belts & MOT Test - Pug 406 - reevsie
Garns - I had the same problem on my 406 estate and had to cut the seat belt as I couldnt get get the seat back up. Did you cut the seat belt and if so , did it pass the mot?
Seat Belts & MOT Test - Pug 406 - Spanner
As far as I am aware, all seatbelts fitted to the vehicle are tested - even 'occasional use' belts. It comes under Construction & Use regulations or similar which means that if the car is legally designed to carry five people (driver, front passenger and 3 rear passengers) then all restraining devices i.e seatbelts must be in working order - be able to pull out, retract and lock.

Sometimes the belt inertia mechanism sticks through lack of use. Try gently pulling and relaxing belt, and make sure belt retracting mechanism drum isn't loose or hasn't been damaged or subject to impact from objects floating about in boot area. These mechanisms don't like being moved from correct position. If they do, the inertia weight/ball bearing inside locks the belt tight.

If still no joy, try 24-7 parts online otherwise it will be a trip to the dealer for a new belt.

Seat Belts & MOT Test - Pug 406 - Spanner
Forgot to add that if the centre of the rear seat is designed for a third person then it may be tested. It depends on the rear seat design. From personal experience, my old Pug 309 just has a centre lap belt which is buried under the seat base. It has never worked and has not been failed either.

Seat Belts & MOT Test - Pug 406 - Peter D
Undo the other end of the belt to releave tension on the belt and see if the reel will let go. Regards Peter
Seat Belts & MOT Test - Pug 406 - bell boy
i"m not a bba forum man but having a quick skirt of their problems page i found the reason for your problem me thinks? under problems and solutions .
Seat Belts & MOT Test - Pug 406 - reevsie
Oldman - Interesting forum, I may have been a bit hasty chopping the seat belt off although it made me feel better at the time as it was cheesing me right off! I'll have to wait and see if it fails the mot.

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