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Volvo 850 t5 ABS pump leaking - Ben {P}
Unfortunately, my parents old 94L 850 T5 has developed a leak from the ABS pump, which it is presumed needs replacing. Due to the age and value of the car, I do not think it is worth fitting a new pump even at main dealer "trade" prices- about 650 plus VAT for the part.

I have been unable to source the correct part from the breakers I have tried- does anyone know where I might get hold of one? I am also considering fitting a reconditioned one- where can I find one of these?

The Volvo part number is: 30639115 I believe, and I have found the following Volvo number on the pump- 9140933.

Finding a part has been particularly difficult, as I believe the unit I require was only on the '94 year cars.

If it were my car, I would be inclined to try to sell it as it is. The leak is only minor (if a brake fluid leak ever can be). This brings me to ask what would be the best means of disposal. If I were to take it to a car auction, would I have to declare the fault, or would it simply go in the sale as sold as seen? Alternatively, would I get more for it on Ebay- it has had a fair amount of recent work, has good p zero tyres, bilstein sport dampers and a genuine 80k miles on the clock?

Volvo 850 t5 ABS pump leaking - Aprilia
Try BBA-Reman for the part.

Ebay if you want to sell - but it will not fetch much at all, so be prepared for a disappointment...
Volvo 850 t5 ABS pump leaking - Ben {P}
Thanks for the advice Aprilia.

I understand its has very little value- I have been trying to prusuade them to part with it for quite a while.
Volvo 850 t5 ABS pump leaking - adverse camber
I would guess that the number starting 9 is the volvo part number, the other could be a bosch or similar no ?

Have you looked on the voc forum ? I seem to remember someone repaired a leaking abs pump.

Try nordic for a new replacement - ring them up tell them you are trade and ask for a price.

If I have a chance I'll see if I can id the application and see what alternatives there are.
Volvo 850 t5 ABS pump leaking - Ben {P}

I am not exactly sure what the first number beginning with 3 refers to. The parts department at the local Volvo dealership gave it to me. I believe it may be the part number for the whole unit. The number beginning 9 is the number I found on the actual pump unit.
Volvo 850 t5 ABS pump leaking - adverse camber

for a 94 850 with engine B5234FT I see part nos 9140934 and 30639115 Searching for 9140933 doesnt return anything, so could you check that number ?

for 9140934 the Note says 9140934 without TRACS, 30639115 with TRACS, it also gives 9173973 which I think is the same as 30639115.

This is described as being for cars up to 95.
looking at other cars the same part is listed for the other engines and for both left or right hand drive.

So I would try breakers for early 850's without TRACS. Sorry I didnt think to check what was in the 700 or 900.
Volvo 850 t5 ABS pump leaking - Ben {P}
Thanks, ill check the part number in the morning.

Unfortunately, the car does have TRACS. I don't care if it doesn't work, but i dont think i can fit a non TRACS part.

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