Car insurance - £137 saved! - MGspannerman
My car insurance renewal came through recently, with, at £360. This is for a 10 year old Mercedes W124 E class diesel, fully comp with a boringly normal driver. Up a little on last year, partly beacuse I changed my car. I also noticed that £28 had crept in as well for "hire car cover". I decided to look around a few websites and came up with £259 which I was very pleased with. My BIL suggested I tried and I got it down to £223 with only a £50 excess and including legal cover, this is with Norwich Union through Peoples Choice. BIL is even tighter than I am and also suggested I check out and as a consequence of advice there I have also reduced the cost of broadband (from BT) by £5.40 a month as well. Well worth a look.

Cheers MGs
Car insurance - £137 saved! - artful dodger {P}
The insurnace for my 1998 Fiat Marea Weekend 2.4 turbo diesel was £365 this year fully comp with Direct Line. This is for a 70% discout protected no claims. Their renewal was £327, which seemed reasonable.

Checked and the best was £314.

Then tried elephant and it was £268!

Could not be bothered to check any further.

The set up was fast and I loved receiving an email from the head elephant, a touch of humour always goes down well with me. So when I provided evidence of my NCB I wrote to the elephant handler!
Car insurance - £137 saved! - stan_deezy
fully agree about

I used the deal checker and dropped my insurance with direct line from £315 to £168 (a saving of ..........drum roll........£147) Phoned my previous insurers and they couldn't be bothered about it: the young lady suggested that I go online and see if they quoted me cheaper as a "new customer"????
When I asked if she thought that online would be cheaper than the £168 already quoted she just laughed and said "no way!" and then hung up. Oh, that's what I like, good old fashioned customer service and going the extra mile to retain the business!

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