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Peugeot Radio Code - Garns
Since changing the battery on my Peugeot 406, the radio has lost it's code (dispite using a slave battery!) and I cannot find the code anywhere at home.

I contacted the supplying dealer who said because the car had not been to them for two years it had "dropped off the system", but the could give me the code for a fee of £25.

I appreciate the need for security codings in helping to combat theft, but surely if I can prove I am the legitimate owner of the car and the radio (with the Registration Certificate, proof of address, even a Passport if necessary) then I should be able to get the code. £25 for tapping into a computer seems a little excessive to me.

Does anyone know of a less expensive way of obtaining the code?

Many thanks.
Peugeot Radio Code - Andrew-T
Three years ago I bought a used 99T 306 from a non-franchised dealer. The original Peugeot seller was happy to send me gratis a print out of their service history for the car (which includes stuff like the radio code) after a phone call. I may have sent them a s-a-e, can't remember.
Peugeot Radio Code - Armitage Shanks {p}
I think you are entitled to it for free under some part of the freedom of information legislation. It is your car and you are entitled to information about it. Some auto electrician might do it for you or one of the boys with computers in vans who hang around auctions 'verifying' mileages. What about peugeot themselves? If it is the original Radio they should have it tied in with the VIN number on the factory database. Good luck in any event
Peugeot Radio Code - ShereKhan
I did the same for my 306. The original dealer even sent me the PDI inspection information! The security code is on the service print out.
306 2.0 SE Cabriolet
Peugeot Radio Code - mfarrow
I think we were charged around £10 for a code for mum's 106 about 6/7 years ago. I'd shop around if I were you.

Mike Farrow
Peugeot Radio Code - mjm
I got the code for my son's 106 from the original dealer over the phone with no problem.

I needed the radio, key and other security code for my Xantia. The local dealer wanted £15 per number, and a view of the V5. Went past another main dealer, called in on the off chance, with docs, was advised £15 for the 3 numbers, agreed, he took my details and then said forget the charge!

Similar approach may work for you.

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