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Pug 106 rear brake shoe adjuster - pullgees
This has rear drums but I cant understand how the adjuster mechanism works. There is a snub nosed piece with a serrated edge that dosen't seem to connect to anything. I've tried moving it up and down but nothing happens. I'm used to the ratchet wheel on a thread type. How do I adjust up the brakes on this car?

On another note what is this 'Page expired' annoyance that occurs when your in the middle of typing out a message, I never noticed that before?
Pug 106 rear brake shoe adjuster - mjm
The only info I have for the 106 (Haynes manual 1882 1991-1998) only shows the wheel on thread type. I do know that they don't work in a reliable manner. What year is it?
Pug 106 rear brake shoe adjuster - pullgees
It is a later model than your Haynes but I cant tell you the year as it was a friend's car I was working on.
There is a cam with a toothed edge which somehow ratchets apart the shoes but this cam doesn't do anything and I can't figure out how it works. So I'm going to have to take the brake assembly apart to study it unless someone can help me.

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