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zafira 2001 misfire & engine light - debugslife
1.6 16v Zafira club. Engine warning light is on from the start up and only flickers when going faster than 30mph. There is a notable misfire going up in the gears but not at idle/low speeds or when going about 60 - 70mph. I put my faith in a Vauxhall dealer and he has dissapointingly came up with no fault code so tried spark plugs and a fuel line clean. He has already started talking about sticky valves which I think is a bit premature. Looking through your other guys problems it seems close to a faulty EGR valve or less likely the coil pack. I would be grateful if anybody could comment on their experience if they have seen a similar fault. I can guess about 10 things that it 'might be' but am hoping for a clearer picture. Thanks in advance.
zafira 2001 misfire & engine light - elekie&a/c doctor
Ignition coil pack is a possibility ,if not then sticky valves is not uncommon on these 16v engines.Run engine with a suitable engine flush,drain & refill with good quality synthetic oil.(vauxhall oil seems to be the best value)

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