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Focus Rattles. - R.EWyer

Hello there.
I have just bought a new Focus 1.8 tdi Lx.
When I get to 2500 to 3000 revs it develops a rattle - im pretty sure its from the engine bay it sounds a bit like tappet noise you used to get on qlder cars. I know diesels are a bit noisy as i ve owned one before .
Any ideas?
Re: Focus Rattles. - Honest John
Might be the timing chain tensioner. The old tech diesel in the Focus has both a timing chain (at the bottom of the engine) and a timing belt (at the top of the engine), like a Land Rover diesel.

Re: Focus Rattles. - Dave N
The timing belt tension is also very critical on the earlier Focus diesels, with dire warnings from Ford about never refitting a used belt, and reams of checks to ensure tension is absolutely spot on. They are retrofitting with hydraulic tensioners, so it may be worth having a word with Ford.

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