Mazda MX6 Heater Problem - richrob
I have recently aquired a Mazda MX6 and I have a problem with the heater. The heater takes forever to start outputing heat. A few nights ago I was driving home and I noticed the temp gauge was aproaching max so I pulled to the side of the road and switched off, I turned the ignition back on so that I could watch the temp gauge. All of sudent the temperature started to drop rapidly and at the same time the heater started pumping heat into the car. From that point on everything was fine for the rest of the journey home.
I have an idea what the problem may be but not being very savi in this area would appreciate the considered opinion of the more experienced amoung you.
Mazda MX6 Heater Problem - mrbeginner
test the thremostat if faulty replace!
Mazda MX6 Heater Problem - Aprilia
I would seriously consider not driving this car until you have sorted this problem.

It *could* be the thermostat, but I doubt it (water circulates through the heater matrix even when the thermostat is closed).

Could be an airlock or problem with circulation (puump).

I would ask a mobile mechanic to come around and check it out on your driveway - you don't want to overheat the engine and write-off the car.

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