1992 Escort 1.4 - Electric windows - escort man

Having problems with the electric windows on my escort.

It used to be that with the engine off, the windows would work when the doors were open, and would only work when the doors were closed if the engine was running.

Over the space of 2 days there was intermittant working with doors shut and engine running, and now they dont work at all; although when the doors are open everything is fine.
(hope thins makes sence so far)

Ive sone some investigation and it appears that the window circuit must be some way connected with the interior light - as when the doors are open and the interior light is on the windows work, however as soon as the door is pulled too enough to shut of the light, the windows stop. This is the same regardless of whether the engine is on or not.

I thought it might be a fuse or relay problams but Ive tried all the fuses and they seem fine, had a look at the relays - cant see anything wrong and have tapped them all - still nothing.

Not being able to find the Haynes manual doesn't help either.

Anyine got any ideas?

1992 Escort 1.4 - Electric windows - Civic8
May be a problem with loom. ie between A post and door.it has a rubber cover over it. so to check wiring it will need pulling off..some cables stretch too much causing them to break..when door in certain position they work.
hope that helps?
1992 Escort 1.4 - Electric windows - elekie&a/c doctor
I would suggest that this is the common fault of fuse/relay box problems with internal dry solder joints.Fairly easy to fix for somebody competant at soldering.
1992 Escort 1.4 - Electric windows - Civic8
I should have remembered about the fusebox..I posted on same problem some months ago..Job didnt get fixed as too many problems with electrics.


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