Toyota Yaris v Vauxhall Corsa - R G Jackson
Dont be tempted to buy a Toyota Yaris without taking the new 2002 spec Vauxhall Corsa for a spin. The Vauxhall is well built, has a superb sound system, a high quality paint finish and drives like a much bigger car. In my opinion the Toyota Yaris is very flimsy, has poor quality seats, an exceptionally poor sound system and is overpriced, considering the GLS version does not even have alloys as standard.

Re: Toyota Yaris v Vauxhall Corsa - T lucas
If you buy the GM shed over a Toyota Yaris you will defo live to regret it,the only thing on the Coarser that is the same as a Yaris is that they both have 4 wheels.I was unfortunate enough to rent the GM shed from Avis in August for a week and only about 400 miles and bits were falling off then,i would say its at least a generation behind the Yaris.Corsa,nasty little car.
Re: Toyota Yaris v Vauxhall Corsa - Honest John
I recommended the Yaris to my mum and she's happy with hers.

Re: Toyota Yaris v Vauxhall Corsa - FfwlCymraeg

I was happy with mine, but changed to an Avensis due to the fact the yaris was really too small for my needs. Real struggle with golf clubs and trolley. The satnav option was neat though.

The avensis, on the other hand, despite having the cool satnav as standard, I would never buy another, but that's another tale of dodgy and dishonest car dealers Im afraid.
Re: Toyota Yaris v Vauxhall Corsa - KB
And as HJ knows (cos I've mentioned it several times), I'm very happy with my 1.3 CDX Auto. But, (as I've mentioned before)....I paid £2500 less than list by buying from the Netherlands. And, before it crops up again - yes it is UK spec. And yes you can get them quite cheaply from car upermarkets in the north/midlands, but check the spec. I think the Yaris will be more desirable and worth proportionately more, in 3 yrs time, than a Corsa, but (as I've mentioned before) I might be wrong.
Re: Toyota Yaris v Vauxhall Corsa - KB
I'm sorry, I should have made it clearer - Should have read...........I'm very happy with my YARIS 1.3 CDX Auto.
Re: Toyota Yaris v Vauxhall Corsa - Bob H
Yaris gets my vote too
Bob H
Re: Toyota Yaris v Vauxhall Corsa - Dave
R G Jackson wrote:
> Dont be tempted to buy a Toyota Yaris without taking the new
> 2002 spec Vauxhall Corsa for a spin.

They're pretty much of a muchness.

However, I've driven a 1ltr Yaris, and a 1.2 LHD Corsa. (Not 2002)

The corsa is gutless and, like most front wheen drive Vauxhalls, suffers from very vague sloppy steeering. The Yaris has a great little engine that will rev very freely.

I'd hope anyone buying a small car would test drive both anyway.
Re: Toyota Yaris v Vauxhall Corsa - Darcy Kitchin
I hired a Corsa in October to get around Aberdeen/Peterhead area and found the (electric I think) power steering difficult to get on with. It seemed to point slightly to the left or to the right, couldn't find a straight ahead position at all.

but it did seem put together OK, and used tiny amounts of petrol.
Re: Toyota Yaris v Vauxhall Corsa - Mike Holland
My wife has a Yaris and loves it.

I don't understand the fixation with alloy wheels. What do they do for you except add to costs?

Mike Holland
Re: Toyota Yaris v Vauxhall Corsa - paul
Yup, Yaris got my vote as well. Made the effort by visiting a Vauxhall dealer prior to choosing, though. Trouble was we were totally ignored by the sales staff, and when we eventually managed to get some attention it transpired they hadn't a demonstrator available.....bye bye, off to the nice Toyota people who got the sale.
Re: Toyota Yaris v Vauxhall Corsa - KB
I don't think that, for most drivers, alloy's DO actually do very much. Some think they look better than wheel trims, but the great thing with wheel trims is you can spray them if you catch them on a high kerb. You can't with alloys. However, more to the point - if you want a particular spec....perhaps central locking/side airbags/split rear seat/air-con - you often seem to have to buy the one that's got alloys on it. So the decision's made for you.

I wanted a 5 door Yaris Auto and it only comes as CDX.....with alloys. The 3 door Auto. has the wheel trims.

I've yet to read a bad review of the Yaris. It's been Car of the year, Engine of the Year etc. etc. and comes top of pretty well everything - including J D Power.
Parts & servicing aren't too bad, insurance is OK, mpg is good on manuals, excellent NCAP results....I could go on all night....

But won't.

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