Insurance Again! - Andrew
Mark (Brazil)

Have a look at my last entry on the previous insurance thread.What do you think to that one? Having read your extract from the RTA 1988 it woulod certainly seem to question some of the wrangling and back pedaling from the insurance companies. I see that the word ' judgement ' is included. Does that mean that the matter would have to be brought before a Civil Court before they would honour a claim? Seems to me a licence for delaying tactics.

Re: Insurance Again! - Mark (Brazil)
In that particular section "judgement" was used, elsewhere it was not. In other sections it simply uses the word "liability".

It also covers very well their inability to avoid any claims, TPI or not, simply by use, licence, age, capacity and several other factors.

You should read it one rainy afternoon. Its not that complex and if you are only interested in the stuff applicable to insurance, then it isn't that big either. Although I would recommend you had a sample insurance policy & certificate to aid understanding.

On your other note, I never said that Insurance Companies were not devious sods who will do anything to intimidate, delay or confuse themselves out of paying a claim.

Interesting point about the dead guy though. I'd guess it would go back to a judgement of proximate cause and therefore they wouldn't be able to avoid, but I'd have to research that one.

I do know it has been tried, I've just no memory of what happened.

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