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VW Golf MkIII - carlh
Just had the timing belt on my 96 Golf 2.0 changed at 59K (VW main dealer). The technician came out of the workshop to tell me that the car's water pump was noisy but that it did not necessarily mean that it was about to fail. If I wanted the work done, I would have to book it in again. I'm a bit anxious that the pump might fail and cause other problems. Excuse my ignorance but can anyone tell me if a noisy water pump means that it is on it's way out ?
VW Golf MkIII - Number_Cruncher
Hi Carl,

They don't tend to get better again with time. I would replace the pump soon*.


* someone will be along to panic you shortly...
The water pump is not too expensive and easy to replace, I replaced mine at 90k as it did not feel right when turned by hand.The replacement stopped a small vibration that I had learned to live with.If I were you I would replace it.
VW Golf MkIII - carlh
Thanks Number_Cruncher and GGH. Euro Car Parts are selling them for twenty odd quid so it looks like a bit of DIY !
Always fit a new O ring between the new pump and the block,I think from GSF it is included with the replacement pump. Happy DIYing.

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