Cambelt - David Moore
When to change it? 135000 on the clock; I got the car 6 months ago and have done about 8000 as a guess since. Currently I am doing 300-400 miles a week.
Re: Cambelt - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)

Do you have any idea if / when the cambelt was last changed. VAG do no specify a mileage / age for replacement, but in my view this is poor advice, and would advise replacement every 60,000 or 5 years whichever occurs first. If you have no history replace it ASAP - in the meantime pray, regularly !!

Re: Cambelt - Rob Fleming
8000 miles ago!
Re: Cambelt - Rob Fleming
(Sorry Adam, didn't know you beat me to it)
Re: Cambelt - Honest John
On the 1,050cc Polo the timing belt also drives the water pump. Not sure if it does on the 1.3. But if it does, that's your main worry because even if the water pump has been replaced once, at 130k it could be close to the end of its second life. (If the water pump fails, off comes the belt.)

Re: Cambelt - Pete Mansell
The timing belt does drive the water pump on the 1.3 Polo. I recently sold my 10 year old Polo, with 120k miles. It was the original water pump, but I changed the timing belt at 70K. Perhaps I was just lucky.
Re: Cambelt - David Moore
It gets pretty warm before the fan kicks in, but has never overheated.
Re: Cambelt - Rob Fleming
My '87 Polo 1300 was on its original waterpump until 158k. I changed it because the teeth that the cambelt drives had worn almost entirely away. If you can DIY, the part is only around £15.

Incidentally, I'm on my third odometer/instrument binnacle. They wear out at 100k+. Scrapyards are full of ones with tachos on as well, which is nice, and a straight swap for that plug ugly clock.


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