Mondeo depreciation - Dogbreath2
Thinking about buying a car with my own money.

Looking at the mondeo estate diesel, the second hand prices seem too good to be true.

A 2001 51 Reg 2.0TD Ghia X 1 Owner is in autotrader for £9,495.

What's the catch?

I would prefer japanese but this seems like a great car for the money.
Mondeo depreciation - googolplex
The engine will be one of the older 'tractor' lumps that Ford used before they developed their TDCi brands (and others). Nothing wrong with that if you don't mind the comparative noise and lack of power. Sounds like a good deal to me, given the spec. Would have thought the prices for this model will be even keener as the cars come out of warranty. Bargains abound. And its a great car - don't listen to all the Fordophobics out there: they don't know what they're missing!
Mondeo depreciation - MichaelR
No it wont, that engine was the 1.8 - I'm sure all the 2.0's are TDCi's.
Mondeo depreciation - googolplex
Michael, have a read of HJ's excellent Car-by-car breakdown and you will see that the initial diesel for the Mondeo was a 113bhp 2 litre thing. The TDCi came out round about the start of 2002. Having said that, there is a chance, as a 51 plate, it could be one of the early TDCis.
Mondeo depreciation - Vansboy
Well worth confirming this - I got totally confused, when I did a similar check on a car, recently purchased.

Even the really helpfull Ford dealer, had to get confirmation, from the factory, as to what was what!

Or just buy a TDCi badge!!

Mondeo depreciation - MichaelR
Where did this 2.0 113bhp come from?
Mondeo depreciation - Quinny100

The early Mk3 Mondeos came with a 2.0 16v Duratorq-DI (TDDi) direct injection diesel engine outputting 115PS. It was also available in 90BHP form in other markets.

This engine was later revised with a Delphi Common Rail fuel injection system and a bigger turbo (amongst other things) and called the Duratorq-TDCi with 130BHP. The TDCi is quieter, more economical and more powerful and is generally considered to be a much nicer engine.

Confusion arises because the Di continued in production until 2003, when it was scrapped and replaced with a 115BHP version of the TDCi.
Mondeo depreciation - blank
The catch? As far as I know only the fact that it will continue to depreciate like a falling stone for the rest of its life. These are very rough figues, but say it was £20k new, it's now worth £10k, so in a further 2-3 years will be worth £5k and so on.
Doesn't make it a bad buy, but you should be prepared to lose a lot of value quickly, which matters less the longer you keep it.
Mondeo depreciation - Stuartli
According to Parker's new price was £21,000 plus, dealer price is £9,450, private (good) £9,055 and PX £8,035.

Seems like a lot of room for haggling if you really want it but, on the other hand, a same year same spec 130PS TDCI version would be dealer price £9,840, private (good) £9,430 and PX £8,365 on practically the same new car price.

Know what I'd do...:-)))
Mondeo depreciation - PhilDews
It sounds a bit pricey - have a look at the Car People for some ex-hire (sounds ropey, but in the main they are good cars, with only c 12,000mls on the clock) cars. I bought an Astra Coupe 18mths ago and put 13,000 mls on it in 6mths and it was fine. From there, you might even be able to stretch to a 6mth old 2.0 130 diesel. Worth a look!

I would suggest a decent length test drive, as I found my Mondeo to be rather uncomfortable!
Mondeo depreciation - derek
my mate bought a 97r 2l ghia auto blue for 900 its in good nick
so how much is a mk1 worth,

not a lot


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