jumping cd player. - billy25
good morning all,

just bought a nearly \"new\" JVC 12CD multichanger, off a \"mate\"??,which i fitted securely into the boot yesterday. Whenever i hit a bump, pothole, or even one of the smallest imperfections in our road surface, the cd jumps and stops then sorts itself out and carries on, another friend commented that i had bought a record turntable in disguise!!, his unit is just shoved loose under the passenger seat, and never misses a beat.

is there anything i can adjust, i cant actually see anything apart from various screwheads stuck in the casing, come to think of it now, \"mate\" always used chrome cassettes in his car!! i wonder why?.

jumping cd player. - Civic8
I may be wrong. But cd players need a buffer/memory. this stores the music before you hear it so any knocks to laser are blocked ie you wont hear it. if that has gone wrong you do.
possibly reason why he sold it?. what model is it?
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jumping cd player. - DL
There are some adjustable suspension springs in many autochangers - which have different settings depending upon how the changer is mounted. This could well be your problem.
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jumping cd player. - Dalglish
billy25 - sorry can\'t really help solve your problem, but if it is any consolation, at least your cd player continues to play. with mine, every few weeks, it jams up going over a bump. i then have to take it apart, free the jammed cd, and then get 2 or 3 more weeks play before the cycle has to be repeated.

jumping cd player. - Caveman
Try mounting it in a differnt location in the boot. Ininitally use that stick on vecro stuff to temporary moubnt it so you don\'t end up with screw holes everywhere. Try to mount it as far away from the suspension as possible. Some cd units have an adjustment depending on whether you mount the unit vertically or horizontally.

With regard to steve.o\'s comment about buffer memory, the only units that generally have them are the walkman type. Most of the car ones use springs and dampners.
jumping cd player. - Civic8
That isnt the case.if you check out a lot of disc players. Most have memory correction. ie music is recorded into memory before you actually hear it.correction applies to where laser has bounced away from disc.Idea is recording is memorised as said before without bumps scrapes whatever you wish to call emm.giving you descent sound and without any probs as mentioned.
Stand alone CD players dont need this ie home type
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jumping cd payer. - Dynamic Dave

My Kenwood multiplay didn't have a buffer, nor does my current Philips multiplay. If I hit a pot hole the cd will skip, more so when I listen to music burnt onto CDR's.
jumping cd player. - Stuartli
so when I listen to music burnt onto CDR\'s>>

This is because the disk is burned in a different way to audio CDs, which use pits; a CD-R houses a translucent dye and the burner darkens the dye to resemble pits which are then able to be read by the laser.

Some older CD units, whether car or domestic type, can have problems reading CD-Rs, although those made in the last few years should/will be OK.

Music on a CD is imprinted in the form of pits of varying length on a spiral track 3.52 miles (5.66 kilometres) long; there are approximately 16,000,000,000 pits 0.11 micro-metres deep; the largest pit dimension is 3.054 microns and the smallest is 0.833 microns.

The width of the pits is half a micron, 700 times smaller than a pinprick and the space between tracks is 1.6 micro-metres.

Add the rotation speed of the CD (between 250-400 times a minute); the fact that the laser beam (wavelength 780nm) makes more than 44,000 arithmetical calculations every second in at least two dimensions and it\'s no surprise that your car\'s CD unit may miss a beat or two with either audio or CD-R disks...:-))

The six disk CD changer housed in my VW Bora\'s boot plays CDs vertically; despite the fact that the car has quite a firm ride I\'ve not noticed very many missed notes to date.
jumping cd player. - DL
A very interesting post there Stuart! Nice one.....my mind is still spinning!
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jumping cd payer. - Imagos
Try locating it under passenger seat. I've never had any problems with my factory fit player located there. It maybe because it's located away from the wheels and suspension so less vibration and movement (just guessing) that you'd get in the boot, and you don't have to get out of car to change discs.
jumping cd player. - billy25
thanks for the info chaps,
i`ve tried positioning it in a different place, and also tried mounting it vertically, but playback quality is just as poor. i`ii be taking it out again later in the week, so i`ll have a good look to see if anything adjusts the suspension settings.
thanks for the pointers!

jumping cd player. - Dynamic Dave
i`ve tried positioning it in a different place, and also tried
mounting it vertically, but playback quality is just as poor.

Have you tried a lens cleaner? Could have some carp on the lens.
jumping cd player. - Civic8
Check out www.jvc.com I think you may be able to download manual for it.
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jumping cd player. - uk2usa
Skipping music are a classic symptom of a dirty lens. When the lens is dirty the signal is much less and therefore any minor upset is enough to drop the signal below the required strength. Cleaning the lens may be possible with just the disc cartrige removed or u may need to open the unit up. Whatever it is, it should be fairly simple to clean it with a cotton bud and some alcohol.
jumping cd player. - David Horn
My Philips (an extra in my Xsara) loads vertically and has never, ever, skipped to my knowledge. It's only issue is CDRs, occasionally, it complains about a track, but I suspect it's more to do with the 48x write speed I use. Easy solution - navigate to the track ahead then skip backwards. Weird, but it works!
jumping cd player. - billy25
hi folks.

just repositioned unit hanging from boot roof, with the cd magazine holder pointing to the floor, looks slightly "unusual" but plays great, even over speed bumps!.

thanks for all the tips,


i think mate who sold it to me must have had the same problem, because he wanted to buy it back,for a lot more than he knew i`d paid for it. i think justice has been done! confusious say, "man who tries to diddle - only diddles himself."
jumping cd player. - Stuartli
If the lens is dirty - and normally it's very rare - you can buy a specific CD lens cleaner in the former of a CD disk with a tiny brush attached. You use the disk in the player just as with a standard disk.

But frankly, in many years of owning CD portables, players and ROM drives, plus DVD-ROM drives and a CD rewriter, I've never had to clean a lens. They are normally well concealed, particularly the drive types, for obvious reasons.
jumping cd player. - blinky
Resurrected a few dead CD-RW drives (when they were pricey) by disassembling, cleaning the lens and rebuilding. Being optical they are sensitive to dust, smoke etc.
jumping cd player. - Altea Ego
I have also fixed loads of dodgy CD' drives (playstations, Audio hi-fi's, computer cd drives) by cleaning (carefully) the lens, plus cleaning the carriage rails. Then they got so cheap you just chuck em now - not worth the effort.

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