205 tailgate leaks - Andrew Tarr
Water which gets into a 205 tailgate is intended to drain out from 2 holes at each lower corner into the boot. Usually it is mopped up by the sound insulation, but if the car is parked sloping forwards the water can run down the channels under the back seats. It is possible to divert the flow from the drain holes, but my question is - where does it get in? The possibilities seem to be

- flexible connections at top near hinges
- around glass (bonded - unlikely)
- around washer nozzle or wiper spindle
- leaking supply pipe to washer
- around lock barrel
- around studs behind exterior trim panel

Has anyone out there solved this problem already?
Re: 205 tailgate leaks - honestjohn
It gets in past the seal.

Try moving the lock striker ring a few milimeters further into the car.

Thats how Imsolved the same problem in a 205GTi 14 years ago.

Re: 205 tailgate leaks - Andrew Hamilton
When I suspect an area is leaking I use silicon rubber from DIY store. This is messy to apply but transparent. When not required it peals off cleanly.

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