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An error in todays HJ column? - Simon
In the Jargon Buster in Honest John's column in todays Telegraph am I right in thinking that a slight error has been made in relation to the particular year and the suffix used on that year? It should be:

January 63 to December 63 - Year Suffix A
January 64 to December 64 - Year Suffix B
January 65 to December 65 - Year Suffix C
January 66 to December 66 - Year Suffix D
January 67 to July 67 - Year Suffix E
August 67 to July 68 -Year Suffix F


The 'year' that had the suffix E was a lot shorter than the others and this is when the 'new' registrations jumped from January to August.
Re: An error in todays HJ column? - Andrew Tarr
Yes Simon you are right. I thought any car owner over 50 knew this.
Re: An error in todays HJ column? - David W
And under 50 Andrew!

Afraid our newsagent didn't give us the Motoring section...but we did get two Weekends, two Arts and two Gardening sections.

Someone else in the village is going to be mad.

What did I miss in the Motoring section, anything crucial?

Re: An error in todays HJ column? - Honest John
I'm not responsible for editing my column, but I can't find the error Simon refers to. The edited copy states, "Cars registered in Britain between February 1963 and July 1983 carried a single-letter suffix." Unless he means February 1963 should have been January 1963. Can't understand what the 1967 change has got to do with anything that appeared.


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