Honda Prelude Mixed tyre situation - Mikey Jay
Being a bit of a Prelude fan, I bought the car and it came with an awful mixture of tyres. On the front n/s is a Cenataur supreme from Kwik fit. On the front o/s there is a marangoni Trio. On the rear is a Debica tersus and a tyre on the o/s called an accis I think. The question is: should I wear these out or get a decent set of treads? Had Vredestein T Trac before. These were very good. Good year make a tyre called the eagle ventura but are much more expensive than the T trac. I'm looking for comfort as the prelude is a low slung car with a firm ride. Do you find budget tyres noisy and squealy? The T trac tyres by Vredestein seemed to have endless grip and did not squeal, not that I corner hard but cheap tyres do tend to screech on very tight bends Thanks, Mikey.
Honda Prelude Mixed tyre situation - AN Other
You have my absolute sympathy. I know most people don't seem to realise or care that tyres make a big difference to the way a car drives, but I do.

If you choose to wear out the current horrid tyres, you'll have a car which for a large part of your ownership neither handles as well or as safely as it should. I think I'd regret that. You'll also find out just how lousy that Debica or Marangoni is on a fast, wet roundabout one evening, and it might be quite painful...

If you can afford to, I would replace with new tyres, all of the same make. I've never had Vredesteins, so I don't know about them. Goodyear or any of the major brands seem fine. All Firestones I've ever had have been slippery in the wet. I'd never have another.

What did the car come with when new? Tends to be a good guide as to what works...
Honda Prelude Mixed tyre situation - Mikey Jay
The car came with some sort of Michelin H rated tyres. I agree with you AnOther, I'm driving something which has noisy and uncomfortable handling so I'll probably take your advice and fork out. The Goodyear Ventura is much liked -that's why I mentioned it. Thanks for your reply. Mikey
Honda Prelude Mixed tyre situation - RichardW
The Goodyear Eagle Ventura has been replaced by the Hydragrip. you might find some Venturas on a shelf somewhere cheap, otherwise you'll have to go for the Hydragrips. The performance of the ventura in the wet is amazing, and they don't wear too badly - I've got just over 20k out of a set on the front of a Xantia TD which is known to be a bit tyre hungry if driven enthusiastically.

Budget tyres are hard, so they provide next to no grip in the wet, and take forever to wear out!


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Honda Prelude Mixed tyre situation - Mikey Jay
Thanks for that Richard. The budget tyres are hard and the roads are terrible in Islington! I'll shop around. Mikey

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