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What are the best car supermarkets? - OrtonMark
I recently asked for advice from this forum about buying high mileage secondhand Mondeos but I've changed my mind and am considering buying a nearly new Mondeo estate from Virgin Cars which is based in Manchester. Does anybody have any experience of them and are there any better car supermarkets in the North West or North East (I live in Cumbria)?

Many thanks

What are the best car supermarkets? - Stuartli
Fords of Winsford (it\'s the family name and not the marque) is highly regarded in the North West. Website:

There are a number of car supermarkets in the North of England (Virgin is, as you will have realised, part of the Branston empire), but one of these, CarCraft, did get some rather unhappy publicity on BBC\'s WatchDog last year.

Some possibles:

What are the best car supermarkets? - Febus
Only ever used motorpoint who were OK but didn\'t do the best deals on trade in.

My father used carcraft and had a very bad experience. High pressure sales tactics and an obsession with overpriced finance. In the end he managed to make his escape without purchasing- after 5 hours!
What are the best car supermarkets? - Vansboy
If you're looking for a late car, try clicking in AuctionView, link to our left.

Even if you've not too much experience of buying cars, you could save a few £$£$, on dealer price, without much worry. Balance of warranty should still apply, too.

What are the best car supermarkets? - OrtonMark
Thanks for the advice!
What are the best car supermarkets? - Quinny100
Fords of Winsford is a nice place, and well worth a visit. I'm not convinced its as cheap as it used to be 3 years ago but they're not way over the top. They used to offer bottom book for all their trade ins, I suspect they may have factored in a few hundred on the screen prices to improve their part exchange prices.

The setup is the best I've come across - there are no salesmen on the pitch and you are free to wander round all day without being bothered. If you want to look inside a car or start it up, you just go to the desk and sign the keys out. Only if you want a test drive do you come across a salesman, and in my experience they're not pushy - when I took a car out the salesman said nothing much during the drive and when we got back he simply said "If you want it, turn the sign round to sold and come over to my desk, if you dont just take the keys back" and that was it and he walked off.
What are the best car supermarkets? - Stuartli
I wonder how he manages to spend all that commission he makes...:-)


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