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Hi all

Ive just been granted permission to build an extension to my house and am hoping to carry out a lot of the work myself. I am looking for something cheap and reliable which I can use and abuse for loadcarrying (rubble, plasterboard etc) for the duration of the works.

I've seen a volvo 760 estate on 88E with 140k for £200, but not had a chance to check it out yet.

Would this type of vehicle make sense (i would keep my main car and only use this at weekends and evenings) does anyone have any suggestions?


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Do yourself a favour and hire a skip for disposal of your rubble.

Do you really want to shovel tons of the stuff into the back of a Volvo and then go to the local tip and shovel it out again whilst trying to convince them you are not a builder and they shouldn't charge you for disposal.

If you have good clean brick or concrete a local builder might take it off your hands foc as road / drive hardcore foundations.

As for your plasterboard etc ,most builders merchants will deliver materials next day on a normal run with the correct handling equipment so why knock yourself out by going to collect in your own motor?

You can get a lot of deliveries for £200 plus tax and insurance.
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How about fitting a towbar to your existing car and buying a decent secondhand trailer? Cheaper to buy than an old Volve plus no extra tax, no extra insurance, no extra MOT. And a trailer is easy to clean out.

Cheers, Sofa Spud
load carrier for building work - Sofa Spud
Re previous message, maybe I'm wrong. If the Volvo's £200, then that's probably cheaper than fitting towbar + buying secondhand trailer! Still, if the Volvo's got a towhook, a trailer would further enhance its usefulness.
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If you're that desperate to save money, then running 2 cars is an expensive hobby.

You'll probably find that it'd be cheaper to sell the 626, and run just the one car.

Or stick that towbar on the back, and then you'll always be able to use it.

I'm with hiring a skip & getting deliveries made to your house. With wear & tear on your Volvo filled with rubble (that wear & tear will cost you £200), & the petrol from large number of trips you'll have to make to the tip as it's only a small car; & the time; plus when you've bent your back loading & unloading it etc. etc.

Alternatively, what about a cheap pickup - £500 off eBay, still worth £500 on eBay at the end of the job, no matter how much tattier you make it. Easier to load & unload, bigger load carrying capacity.


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