Triumph Rochdale - Ian Bishop
A friend of mine has just bought a 1970 Triumph Rochdale 1.5. It appears to be in very good nick. Does anyone know of any major things to be aware of on this car as it isn't on the car by car breakdown.
Re: Triumph Rochdale - ladas are cool
if you contact practical classics they will have details, also a couple of months ago practical classics had a review of this car.
Re: Triumph Rochdale - Bob James
Ecky Thump - did they make a Rochdale - probably a Toledo or Dolomite
Re: Triumph Rochdale - ROBIN
I think I was selling Triumphs then,and there were no Rochdales.
So what is it?
Re: Triumph Rochdale - David W
I too knew the Triumphs of that era well and am puzzled,

etc etc

Please insert Rochdale into the family someone with a description of its body/drivetrain.

Re: Triumph Rochdale - David Millar
Presumably this is either a dealer special edition of one of the afore-metnioned models, probably from 'oop north' or we are all barking up the wrong tree and it is a late built kit Rochdale GT based around a Triumph motor. These were I thought mainly Ford-based, however, from the 1960s and quite a pleasant fibreglass sports car to look at. There are a number of classic enthusiasts around who presumably run them still although I can't say I have ever seen one, just seen the occasional ad 10-15 years ago.

Either way, one is a classic and the Triumphs will be soon, if not already in some eyes.

David Millar
Re: Triumph Rochdale - Mark (Brazil)
I suspect its like this...............

Rochdale GT
Triumph Based,
1500cc Dolomite Engine,
Tax Exempt,
Classic Car Insurance.
Reluctant Sale Due To New Project.
£1850 ono

All you want to know & more (including the Triumph-based ones...)
Re: Triumph Rochdale - David W
Thanks Mark. Had a look at the site. Chap can supply new doors for £45 each. Bargain.


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