peugeot 306 xr - AZ
Just bought Peugeot 306 xr,but the remote key does not work.
Opened key up and replaced with new batteries,but still no joy.
Should the led on the key remote light when button is pressed,or does it need to be programmed as new batteries fitted in remote.
Also what is the function of the remote key, as the car has a keypad immobiliser.
peugeot 306 xr - r1ch1e
The remote key will lock / unlock central locking without putting the key in the door, just a convenience thing. When you pressed it did you point it at the reciever near the courtesy light? Does the light flash on the key?
It may need re programming or it may need a new key/plip part.
peugeot 306 xr - AZ
Thanks for your response R1Ch1e. The light on the key does not flash,even after replacing battery. how do you program key.
peugeot 306 xr - solara
If the LED does not flash on pressing the button with new batts, I would say its a dead transmitter.
There is a roaring trade on ebay for secondhand pug keys (usually go for £30). On the earlier infra red models, I believe you can get away with just following the handbook manual, for reprogramming the key (but only that key will work). On later models I belive they need to be re-programmed by a pug dealer.
peugeot 306 xr - LeePower

A tip for all people with suspect infra red keys.

If you have a digital camera or phone with a camera, try pointing the keys transmitter straight at the lens while you look at the picture on the screen.
Press the button on the key and if its working, you will get a short white flash before your eyes.


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